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logo2Akdeniz Seed, was founded by Dr. Mete Kömeağaç in Karacabey, Bursa in 2004 to operate in the seed sector. Our company, with its experienced technical staff, engages effective works with the aim of devoping seed production and new varieties, marketing and R&D. In this structure, both inside and in foreign markets it is developing and increasing, We have our regional franchise and technical services in Hatay, İzmir, Bursa, Kırklareli and Konya. In these region our company is very active about following the seeds sold by our technical team and helping the manufacturer. In 2005, Akdeniz Seed offers services to other organizations to prepare seed with the invest rents made in modern seed proccessing institutions. Hybird sunflower, hybird corn, cotton, beans, soybeans and a new deversity in the framwork of R&D activiries continue to be improved and developed. This kind of marketing is done by Akdeniz Seed brand in both domestic and overseas.